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We customize your watch dial! This special watch is not only suitable as a farewell gift, but... more
Product information "Custom Dial"

We customize your watch dial!
This special watch is not only suitable as a farewell gift, but also as a company watch or team watch for small teams.
You can choose any name, number or logo and we transfer your desired logo on the dial. (This is possible with all our watches, except for the DW-15).
The above price is for customizing one watch. If you want to individualize several watches, please order the exact number you want.
The offer is only valid for the standard dial of an original Bombfrog watch. We can not change the complete dial color nor the light indexes.

1. Send us your logo as a vector file via Email to
    - we will contact our customizer and ask him if he can do the job.
2. We will contact you and tell you if we can put the desired logo on the dial.
3. When we can do the job, you can order the customized watch(es) and tell us again how many watches you want.
4. Then you make the payment for the watch and the customization per Credit Card, PayPal or wire transfer (bank to bank) .
5. You will receive Images about the dials and the status of your order via email. Keep in mind that one watch takes about 8-10 hours (100% Handmade) worktime and that there might be other customized watches waiting in line.  
6. We will re-assemble your watch(es) and send them to you when you are happy with the results.
7. Let us know if it's not okay to publish your customized watch on our social media channels.
We will respect you and your decision and promise to never lose a word to the public that we made your watch(es) if you want to keep it a secret.

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